Jojo Kiss

Jojo Kiss – Care Taker HD 1080p

Jojo Kiss finds herself in a strange place with a strange man. He explains that she was in a car accident and he brought her to his place, but she can’t seem to remember anything beyond driving to meet friends for a ski trip. Her leg is in a boot, her hand is wrapped up and everything hurts. There’s a big snowstorm right now but as soon as it lets ups he’ll take her to a hospital, in the mean time he assures her that she’s in good hands because he’s a doctor.

As she dreams, the thought that she is in good hands repeats in her mind. She should just let the doctor take care of her.

The next day as he feeds her breakfast, he informs her that there’s still too much snow to let her leave. She can’t help but notice he has camera’s set up all around her. He explains those are there for her safety so he can keep an eye on her. But as long as she follows the doctor’s orders she’ll be fine, she won’t disobey the doctor will she? He didn’t think so.

As she dreams, she fantasizes about the doctor watching her and it turns her on to know he’s watching her. She can even feel his hands on her as builds closer and closer to a climax.

Day three, and she still can’t leave but she not too worried. The doctor has his stethoscope and want to examine her. Its difficult to get a good reading she he goes up under her tank top, his hand cupping her naked breast as she breaths in and out for him. She can’t help but think this is strange but she also likes it. Unfortunately he’s going to need to cut off her leggings, her ankle is just to hurt to try and take off with all the swelling. But the good news is her hand looks better. He takes off the wrapping and they do some PT, first she makes a fist. Then he places her hand on his crotch and tells her to rub in circles. All she can say is “yes doctor” as she obeys his orders. Her breathing is getting heavy as she feels his cock harden from her touch. He takes is out and has her wrap her hand around it for some more PT. She strokes him and he rewards her for being such a good patient and slips his hand into her panties. She makes him cum and he returns the favor.

As she dreams, she can only think about the doctor’s cock and how its the only thing that can heal her.

Day four, Jojo waits eagerly for her oral exam. The doctor wastes no time and has her take his cock into her mouth. She sucks enthusiastically as he rewards her with a load of medicine and makes she she drinks down every drop. He has another gift for his good patient, a sexy little school girl skirt. He dresses her up like a doll and then begins to examine her body. He teases her mouth and nipples first before he has her spread her legs. She begs for him to examine her pussy and he has her taste herself to see how healthy she is. She shows him how strong her hand is as she rubs his cock and begs to be healed. He slips inside her and she tanks him over and over again for saving her. She owes him her life after all.

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