Jessie Parker

Jessie Parker – Pop Star Lifestyle

Jessie Parker is a young aspiring singer who is in the big city to talk to big shot record producer Rock Bottom of Rock Bottom Records about an album.

He tells her he likes the innocent look, but that no longer sells, if she wants to be a star, she has to “slut it up” starting with him.

Jessie isn’t interested in any of that, and tries to get him to sign her based off of her skill, but truth be told, she can’t sing. He keeps trying to get her to give it up, but she just won’t stoop to that level, so he timestops her.

He sits her up on the desk and starts to strip her, then lays her down and starts to finger her tight pussy, before pulling his cock out and sliding it in to fuck her.

He fucks her on the desk in a couple positions until he cums inside of her. This girls a star alright

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Freeze, Timestop, Celebrities, Pop Star, Stripping, Posing, Fucking, Nudity, Pornstars

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