JC Wilds

JC Wilds – FAIR TRADE HD 1080p

Who doesn’t love a good deal? JC Wilds absolutely NEEDS to go to an upcoming festival but can’t get a ride there. She asks her stepbrother Paker Ambrose, but he is not willing to drive 3 hours for his stepsister! That is – until she shows him her tits. He knows he’s got her where he wants her and asks for a blowjob instead. JC is game! She is surprised by her stepbrother’s fat cock but gives it her best effort anyway, sucking his nut dry. JC thinks she’s in the clear but when her friends’ text her to let her know they can’t drive her back from the festival – she heads to her step brother for help again. This time Parker wants to see his stepsister’s pussy. She bends over and he begins to finger her before offering to drive her back if she fucks him. JC is desperate to go to the concert, plus her stepbrother has a big dick so she agrees. JC climbs aboard her stepbro’s thick penis and squeezes her tight little hole down it. She is super wet from getting stretched by her stepbrother & she loves every minute of it! She twerks all over his dick to make herself cum repeatedly. Parker pulls out and nuts all over his stepsister’s wiggling ass. Pretty fair trade, huh?

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JC Wilds – What Stepmom Really Wants To Ride – S8:E5 HD 1080p

JC Wilds and her stepson Johnny have not gotten off on the right foot. It doesn’t help that JC is an awful lot closer to Johnny’s age than his dad’s. When JC comes in to apologize, they have an honest to goodness nice conversation.

Eventually, their chat transitions into how JC and her husband haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately about sex. She wants to fuck Johnny, who is actually cool with it. He’s even cooler with it when JC gets to work sucking him off. She uses her hands to stroke his hardon and then gives him a titty fuck between her big boobs.

Shedding the last of her clothes, JC crawls into bed and lets her knees fall apart to open herself for Johnny to fuck her. She gets on her knees for a doggy style pussy pounding. Then she climbs aboard for a stiffie ride, first in cowgirl and then in reverse cowgirl. Knowing Johnny is ready to pop, JC strokes Jonny until he cums, leaving her a sticky delight to enjoy.

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JC Wilds – No Mom = More Fun On Memorial Day HD 1080p

Some people are so unappreciative, including Peter Fitzwell’s selfish wife. It’s Memorial Day and they’re supposed to be together as a family – but of course, she is at the salon getting her hair did!? But Peter is not going to let her ruin this day – he will celebrate the occasion with his stepdaughter JC Wilds. Peter’s stepdaughter looks incredible in her themed bikini making it hard for Peter to resist when she wants to play strip tic-tac-toe in the pool. Peter is good at the game and JC’s juicy, young tits come out in no time. Strike 2 for JC and she is naked with just her fluffy little landing strip to hide herself behind. JC finally wins a round and Peter has to take his cock out – his stepdaughter is highly impressed with her stepfather’s large, thick cock – she’s mesmerized! She can’t keep her hands off it, she jerks her stepfather and begins to suck him right there in the pool! Peter bends his stepdaughter over and penetrates her with his powerful dick. She whines & moans as she is stretched out by her stepdad’s fat member. They move inside and JC climbs aboard Peter to stuff her tiny teen hole. She cums all over Peter’s cock in a quivering, creamy mess. Her stepdad unloads all over his stepdaughter’s fluffy muff. Now, that’s showing some appreciation for your service, right?? Happy Memorial Day, gents!

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My stepsister JC Wilds is such a brat, always getting herself into trouble. She wants to use our neighbor’s pool while he is away and drags me along to her trespassing scheme. I (Peter Green) was super nervous, but when she took off her panties before getting in the pool, I figured I’d stick around in case anything went wrong. She teases me with her natural tits and pussy as we swim around. I still want to leave, but it’s hard! Especially after she wrapped her lips around my cock…she got on the edge of the pool and spread herself wide open, so I just went for it and stuck it in her. I pounded my stepsister like that and then she deepthroated my dick like a champ. She jerked me off & rode me, making herself cum before letting me pop all over her pretty face. We could’ve got in so much trouble!! Totally worth it.
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