jaybbgirl – Homewrecker: Your Wife’s Friend HD 1080p

Hey you, I needed to talk to you in private. It’s about your wife, my bff, she has a birthday coming up and I thought we could talk about a party for her. You do have ideas don’t you? I mean she’s your wife, unless things are bumpy between you right now. Just checking. Anyways. I just figured we could do a small get together, that’s all. Is there anything you want to say to me? Or maybe do to me? I see the way you look at me. At my tits. You want to see them don’t you? Well I’ll show you, just a peek. Don’t make it a big deal.

Here, look at my tits. Aren’t they nicer than your wife’s? They are aren’t they? There’s a lot more of me to see, and I know you want to. I can see how hard you are. Here let me help you take your cock out. There that’s much better. Now just let me put my mouth on it and suck it a little bit. I bet she never sucks it, I’d suck your cock all the time. Oh relax, it’s not like we’re fucking. Yet.

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