Hope Harper

Hope Harper – Daughter In-law has Spending Problem Pt1 HD 1080p

I got a call from my daughter in law today, she said she needed to talk to me about something important. since my son is deployed me and my wife have been doing our best to help our daughter in law Hope as much as we could. when i got there Hope let me in and i could tell right away that she was upset, i asked her what was wrong and she just starred at the wall. i knew right away what it was. since Hope and my son have been together Hope has had a bit of a spending problem, it got so bad that the whole family had an intervention. we all thought she was doing better but i could tell to day that she was in trouble. she told me that she didn’t have any money and the car payment was due, i knew if my son found out she was spending money like before he would leave her. when i thought of that i got a wicked idea, ive always thought Hope was hot but i would have never done anything but now she need my help bad. i told her i could help but that i needed something in return, when i told her a topless handjob she freaked. i reminded her that she needed me to save her and i would keep her secret. after a few minutes she agreed and went and grabbed a towel. i took my pants off and sat on the couch while my sexy topless daughter in law stroked my cock til i filled her hands up with my nut! This is part 1 of Daughter In-Law Has A Spending Problem, it stars Hope Harper and is a POV Handjob Scene

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Hope Harper – Can You Last: There Is No Hope With Miss Harper HD 1080p

Little Hope Harper knows how bad you want to fuck her, how much you desire her, but just like all the other girls whove tested you so far in our series; she wants to see just how long you can last. Youre already dripping pre-cum from your cock, eager to feel the skilled and talented mouth of Hope, You want me to lick it, dont you? she playfully giggles; taking your shaft into her hands. Licking it, isnt the only thing you want as your cock throbs; Hopes tongue slowly teasing your tip and shaft. Squeezing, and sucking up your pre-cum and her own spit, using the slowest, taunting movements of her mouth; this is the most teasing torment featured in the Can You Last series yet! How long will you and your cock hold out with Hope?

Youve held on with Hope, but only by a thread! Just like the threads of pre-cum that keep oozing from your cock as Hope pushes you further, and further to the edge. I know just what will see if you can last.. taking a break from teasing your cock to remove her top and show you her perfect, perky tits, and tight ass. The sight of her beautiful body sends you into over drive, wanting desperately now to feel her head bobbing on your cock and filling her pussy. She knows how bad you want it, and uses this against you, rubbing your tip on her entrance; but not allowing you in. Lets see how long you can last.. she reminds you, before continuing her oral on your cock. (We dont think weve ever seen your cock produce this much eager excitement before!) That tongue, those lips, her seductive words; we dont blame you for shooting your hot load in spurts for Hope as she pumps away at your shaft with her mouth. Better luck next time?

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Hope Harper – What Drives You Wild?? HD 720p

You know how much I love to tickle you and I am going to find out what you the most. Is it my fingers running over your skin like this? Or is it the toothbrush between your toes? Hmm my fingers on your feet really get you going too. Oh yeah you get more sensitive after you cum don’t you. You like my hand stroking your cock but you seem to be afraid to cum!! You can’t resist me that much though, see what I mean?? OMG you’re so much more ticklish now!!! Aww does that tickle??

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Alyssa Hart, Hope Harper – Two Heads Are Better Than One HD 1080p

From: Taboo Family Affairs

Sister – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Lesbian, Girl on girl, DILDO FUCKING

Hope wakes Alyssa up masturbating and gives her a pink surprise!

Hope waits for her step-sister Alyssa to fall resting before she pulled out her mini vibrator. She turns it on and begins to play with herself. Alyssa wakes up hearing the buzzing and her Hope moaning. The girls play with the vibrator for a bit and then Hope pulls out a surprise. a double headed dildo! They each slide an end into their young pussies and begin to fuck each other. Hope teaches Alyssa that two heads are better than one. Tomorrow is step-daddy’s birthday and he’s going to get a big surprise..
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Taboo Tugging My Two New Brothers with Little Hope Harper HD 1080p

From: Conor Coxxx Clips

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Conor walks in with his new step-sister, Hope Harper, and asks how the first day of school went. She explains that she’s had a great first day, and has been settling in well. Her new brothers and step-father have really been making her feel welcomed. Hope admits she would like to get to know her new step-brother a little bit better.. and begins to caress Conor’s leg. Conor is hesitant and tells Hope that his step-brother is right in the other room! Hope then expresses she wouldn’t mind getting to know them BOTH a little better..Hope begins removing Conor’s pants, and rubbing his cock. She pulls out a bottle of lube from the bed, and pours it over Conor’s cock. She starts to rub the tip of his cock with her hands. “This way, we will feel much more comfortable around each other.” Conor plays with his step-sister’s ass as she rubs his cock up and down. “I wonder if he can hear us?” Shamelessly, Conor begins to rub his step-sister’s breasts, as she spits on his cock. Hope teases her step-brother by blowing on him and spitting on his tip, while bent over in his face. Conor begins fingering his step-sister, and biting and kissing her ass. Hope then gets on the floor, and lifts her top up. She shoves her step-brother’s cock in-between her boobs, and rubs it all over her chest.

Their step-brother walks in and catches Hope with Conor’s dick in her hands.. “What the fuck, Step-Bro? They just moved in!” Hope admits to her other step-brother that she’s always wanted to jerk off two brothers. Hesitant, her other step-brother begins to remove his pants as well. Hope begins stroking both of her brothers at once. She takes off her shirt, and skirt…Leaving her in bra and panties as she continues to jack off both of her brothers. Hope slowly begins removing the remaining of her clothing, her bra, and strokes her step-brother’s until they cum all over her chest! What a family bonding moment.
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Hopeless Hope Harper – Teen Resting Sexual Domination HD 1080p

From: Conor Coxxx Clips

Petite teen cutie Hope Harper is home alone in her bedroom, making her bed for the evening. Suddenly an intruder barges in and knocks her completely out with one solid punch to the face. Sprawled out on her back, he begins to check to make sure his victim is in fact fully resting by checking her eyes, shaking her back and forth, dropping her limbs, and so on. The intruder continues to play with his ragdoll as he removes all of her clothing to continue with the fun he is about to have with this resting body. Hanging Hope’s head over the side of her own bed, he proceeds to insert his massive cock into her motionless mouth. He slides his cock in and out of those perfect little lips, going as deep as he can down her throat. But the mouth just isn’t enough for this bad guy as he spreads open her resting legs and starts fucking her cleanly shaven pussy. Hope’s resting body rocks back and forth as the intruder thrusts harder and harder into her. He then goes back to her mouth, fucking through her sweet lips to the back of her throat, until he has achieved his devious goal of shooting his big load all into her mouth. Hot white cum still dripping down the side of her resting face, the intruder decides to have a little post-fuck fun. He pushes his ragdoll onto the ground and starts redressing her, all the while continuing to be playful with her motionless body. Dragging her resting body around and around, he undresses Hope once again so he can end his resting criminal venture with some groping.

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Hope Harper – Please Professor HD 1080p

From: Daddys Dirty Girls

I’m so happy you came over today Professor. I wanted to talk to you about my grades and if there is anyway I can give you a hand with anything to help my grade out a bit. And I think you know exactly what I am talking about and of course you didn’t object. Your big hard cock feels so good between my hands Professor. I really hope this gives me some extra credit points. I promise I won’t tell anyone about our agreement.

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