Hope Harper – Can You Last: There Is No Hope With Miss Harper HD 1080p

Little Hope Harper knows how bad you want to fuck her, how much you desire her, but just like all the other girls whove tested you so far in our series; she wants to see just how long you can last. Youre already dripping pre-cum from your cock, eager to feel the skilled and talented mouth of Hope, You want me to lick it, dont you? she playfully giggles; taking your shaft into her hands. Licking it, isnt the only thing you want as your cock throbs; Hopes tongue slowly teasing your tip and shaft. Squeezing, and sucking up your pre-cum and her own spit, using the slowest, taunting movements of her mouth; this is the most teasing torment featured in the Can You Last series yet! How long will you and your cock hold out with Hope?

Youve held on with Hope, but only by a thread! Just like the threads of pre-cum that keep oozing from your cock as Hope pushes you further, and further to the edge. I know just what will see if you can last.. taking a break from teasing your cock to remove her top and show you her perfect, perky tits, and tight ass. The sight of her beautiful body sends you into over drive, wanting desperately now to feel her head bobbing on your cock and filling her pussy. She knows how bad you want it, and uses this against you, rubbing your tip on her entrance; but not allowing you in. Lets see how long you can last.. she reminds you, before continuing her oral on your cock. (We dont think weve ever seen your cock produce this much eager excitement before!) That tongue, those lips, her seductive words; we dont blame you for shooting your hot load in spurts for Hope as she pumps away at your shaft with her mouth. Better luck next time?

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