Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss – Lady becomes a tramp HD 1080p

Holly Kiss is a very posh English woman, and I happened to be dating her daughter which she does not approve at all. She has noticed a change in her daughter’s behaviour and thinks she can do better so I should break up with her. But I’ll show her why I’m perfect for her daughter by pulling out my pendulum which Holly watches it until she goes into a trance I have Holly perform a very enjoyable striptease for me. I then wake her up and she is very cross and demands I leave, but instead I snap her back into a trance. She then puts on a skimpy outfit and a slave collar, and then has to clean the room with a feather duster. Next, I order the classy slut to bow down before me. I decide to hogtie her and put a ball gag into her mouth and wake her up to see her reaction. She wriggles about in her binds until I put her out of her misery by snapping her back into a trance once more. Then I fondle this MILF’s perfect body and I know exactly what I want to do. In the bedroom I have her get down on her knees to suck on my hard cock. Then the classy tart has a pussy pounded as I have her call her husband to tell him I will make a great boyfriend for her daughter. After all that I think it would be great if her daughter joined us for some more fun and she mindlessly agrees.

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Axa Jay, Holly Kiss – The Competition: Mom V Stepmom HD 1080p

You are faced with a dilemma, now that your mom and dad’s divorce is final, you need to chose whether you live with your mom, or move in with your dad and your stepmom. Naturally, your mom, Holly, wants you to stay with her, but Axa, your stepmom, knows she would be in your dad’s good books if you decided to move in with them. With both women desperate for you to choose them, the ball is really in your court. Who will you choose? How will you decide? Surely, the only way to make a decision is by evaluating the best qualities of each mom – a competition. Which of these ladies will make your stay with them the most rewarding? Your mom and stepmom agree, they will duel it out to determine which of them is best, which of them wins you. The two are naturally quite competitive, so they jump at the chance to flaunt what they have to offer. Axa, your raunchy stepmom, has no problems telling you that she is happy to greet you in saucy outfits, flaunting her young figure for your pleasure. Holly, your mom, is a little put to by this, but not one to give in so easily, she reluctantly decides to make a counter offer. The two are head to head competing for you. So, you do what any good son would do, you put them to the test and convince them that they take turns showing off their assets. Who can perform the best striptease? Who has the best breast? Who has the best pussy? The best ass? The best oral? The best sex? After both your mom and stepmom have worked their hardest to score a win in each category, they are even and you still cannot decide. Well, there is only one way to settle this, which ever of the ladies can make you cum, that is who you will live with. Like thirsty, cock hungry savages, Holly and Axa devour your dick, swelling all of you as deep as they can in the hopes that you will explode for them. It doesn’t take long for a winner to be determined, but who will it be? Mom or stepmom

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Axa Jay, Holly Kiss – Threesome Taboo, Mom, Aunt, and Son HD 720p

Your aunt hasn’t had a date in weeks. Starved of any male attention, she craves sex and turns to her sister, your mom, for help. “Won’t you be a good sister and help me out?” She implores. “What, like when we were younger?” your mom replies. Exactly, a little sisterly attention to help your aunt out of her dry spell. At first, your mom is a little reluctant, “Isn’t it wrong? I mean, we’re sisters.” The fact that it is taboo is the very thing that excites your aunt, “It’s getting me wet thinking about how wrong it is.” Once your mom agrees, your aunt takes charge and pins your mom to the bed. You aunt releases your mom’s large breasts and starts sucking and kissing them. Before long, your mom is squirming in delight, moaning that she wants more. Your aunt slips between her legs and begins licking her pussy. It doesn’t take long before your mom cums for her sister. Now it is your aunt’s turn to cum. She lies back and lets your mom work her expert tongue against her clit. Your aunt’s pert breasts bounce delicately with each moan of pleasure. Her large nipples stand erect as your aunt compliments her sister on how well she eats pussy. “I want to sit on your face and ride you until I cum!” your aunt explains. Straddling your mom, your aunt grinds her wet pussy against her sister’s mouth until she explodes all over her tongue. Caught in the throws of passion, your mom and aunt continue to take turns making each other cum. They finger fuck, scissor, and lick each other to multiple orgasms, before collapsing on the bed in a cum-euphoria post-orgasmic daze. The sound of the front door is heard as you enter the house. “Mom, it’s only me. Are you home.” A state of panic sweeps over your mom and aunt, who are lying naked in each other’s arms. “Yes, but don’t come in.” The two sisters frantically search for clothes, trying to figure out how to get out of this awkward situation. Embarrassed and exposed, your aunt and mom plead for you not to come into the bedroom. But, you’ve always been a curious one, so of course you enter. To your surprise, your mom and aunt are completely naked and looking rather sheepish. “What’s going on?” you chuckle as you watch their pathetic attempts to cover up their exposed bodies. “You’re my mom, and my aunt, you’re sisters. What have you been doing?” Your aunt spills the beans. They want to swear you to secrecy. “It’s natural” your aunt says. You wouldn’t tell anyone would you? You strike a deal. “I’ll tell you what, if it’s natural, and normal for families to behave this way when one of them have not had sex in a long time, well, I could keep your secret. After all, I haven’t had sex in a longtime. Maybe the two of you could take care of me and I promise not to tell anyone.” “No! Absolutely not. I draw the line – ” your mom protests, but your aunt interjects, “No, I think we can come to an arrangement. It makes sense, he wouldn’t want any of his friends knowing he’s had sex with his mom and his aunt.” You’ve always liked your aunt, she’s so practical. Your aunt crawls over to you and whips out your penis. Impressed by its size, she begins expertly sucking your cock. She encourages your mom to join in. Reluctantly she does. To help put your mom at ease, your aunt slides beneath her and starts eating her out again. Your mom is being spit roasted by her son and her sister. With in no time, your mom is fully into the experience, so she takes little convincing to get into doggy position to take a pounding from her son. Your aunt lies back and watches her sister eat her out as her nephew bangs his mom. The three of you switch positions multiple times. There is something so wonderful about fucking your mom as you get to finger fuck your aunt. Even better is when your mom straddles your cock as your aunt encourages you to squeeze both of their boobs. Watching your aunt suck your mom’s juices from your cock almost sends you over the edge. You lie back and enjoy a double blowjob and hand job as your mom and aunt bring you off for an explosive ending

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Holly Kiss – MILF Milks Young Buck HD 1080p

From: Forbidden Perversions

Holly Kiss is a big busted horny cougar milf, who loves to milk young bucks. Dressed in sexy, lacy red lingerie, this milf will devour your cock until she milks it dry.

Holly is a sexy British cougar. Her wonderfully large breasts sit plump in her sexy lace bra. Her swollen cleavage hangs between your legs, brushing against your thighs as she deepthroats your cock. Holly is skilled at milking her young subs dry.

Holly pays attention to your balls, suck on your sack as she gently strokes your twitching shaft. She moans and groans encouraging you to give her what she wants. This cougar is thirsty for your cum, and as she says, “A lady does not spill a drop!” She swallows everything you have to give her, leaving you and exhausted.

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