Crystal Clark

Crystal Clark – Stepmom Helps Me Move For College complete series HD 720p

This is the new and complete series called “Stepmom Helps Me Move For College”.

Starring Crystal Clark & Oliver Faze.

This is a POV taboo cheating MILF stepmom series.

We finally made it to my college campus!! I got checked in for my dorm room and my stepmom helped me carry up all my boxes from the car. She brought up the last of them as I started unpacking them and I was getting really horny thinking about all the pussy im gunna get in this dorm room. As my cock was getting hard my stepmom was getting ready to head back to her car and leave. I asked her to please wait and help me again because my dorm roomies were going to be showing up soon and I really cant have a boner when they get here that would be so embarrassing. My stepmom really was torn because she didnt want to but she also didnt want to have me start my college year as the guy with the boner on the first day and AGREED TO FUCK ME!! Wow my stepmom is going to be the first girl I fuck in my college dorm room!! We stripped naked and she made me swear never to tell anyone, not my father, not my dorm mates, not my friends nobody it has to remain a secret. I of course agree because lets face it I wanted to fuck her days ago!! She started sucking my cock before climbing on top. Holy hell did her pussy feel tight as she lowered herself onto my dick. She told me she hasn’t had sex in years with my dad because he’s so busy with work and forgets to take viagra and started really thrusting and riding my cock hard! She was growing to like it and even orgasmed TWICE on my dick and that made me wanna just destroy her pussy in the best way possible!! She rode me reverse and cowgirl again and I finally laid her down on all fours and fucked her doggy. Each thrust made her yell for more and more. It was so hot fucking my stepmom in my new college dorm room. I flipped her over and watched her big titties bounce as she begged me to cover her with her stepsons cum. Fucking her doggy some more I couldn’t hold back and covered her ass with the biggest load I ever had! Wow that was incredible I told her and she agreed….this is definitely going to stay a college secret and my stepmom already is planning her next visit…


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Crystal Clark, Coco Vandi, Kaiya Rose, Kiki Daire – Stepmoms Horny Book Club complete series

This is the NEW full complete series called “Stepmoms Horny Book Club”
starring Crystal Clark, Oliver Faze, Coco Vandi, Kaiya Rose & Kiki Daire.

This is a 5part POV, Taboo, cheating MILFS, POV milf orgy, horny Cougars series with massive cum shot! Every milf gets some cum! (POV, TABOO, STEPMOM, MILF, COUGARS, HORNY, DOGGY, COWGIRL, BGGGG, POP SHOT, MILF ORGY) POV REVERSE GANGBANG!!

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Crystal Clark – Tanning with my Stepmom HD 720p

This is the complete 2 part full series “Tanning naked with my stepmom”, starring Crystal Clark & Joshua Lewis.

“My new stepmom Crystal is so hot. She was really excited for summer and always talking about hating tan lines so she tans naked. One morning I had forgotten my laptop at home and had to rush back before my college class started and I caught Crystal tanning naked outside!! I couldn’t help but want a closer look, so I crept outside and she opened her eyes startled to see me. She tried covering up, but I told her she didn’t have to in fact I would tan naked with her if it made her more comfortable. She agreed, and I got naked. Crystals eyes got so big when she saw my cock. I could see her salivating as my erection grew seeing her naked. Crystal couldn’t stop looking at my cock so I jokingly said she could suck it and holy F, SHE DID!! I couldn’t believe it my new stepmom was sucking my dick outside by the waterl! I don’t even think she’s sucked my dads dick out there. It was amazing, and I blasted my cum deep down her throat.
A week later I couldn’t stop thinking about that amazing blowjob from Crystal. She turned me on so much and I wanted to fuck her so bad. I had gone into my dads and stepmoms bedroom to let Crystal know my dad was staying an extra few days on his business trip, and I accidentally walked in on her getting dressed. She was completely naked and scolding me for not knocking, and telling me I shouldn’t be in there. I couldn’t help but get hard, and she noticed my cock again. Crystal couldn’t take her eyes off my cock, and since she was naked I could tell she was getting turned on by it. I asked Crystal when the last time she had sex was, and she said it had been awhile since she and my dad fucked. She was really horny and hoping he was coming home tonight so she could fuck finally. Crystal noticed my cock again, and I told her we could always fuck since my dad wasn’t gunna be home anytime soon. She scoffed at the idea, but it was obvious she wanted to. Finally Crystal said if I promised to not tell anyone, she’d let me fuck her because she’s been craving dick so bad!!

I quickly stripped my clothes off incase she changed her mind, and she got on her knees to suck my cock before getting onto the bed. I couldn’t believe it as I was sticking the tip of my cock in her tight wet pussy, wow Im actually going to fuck my new stepmom. I loved sliding my dick in and out of her pussy, watching her facial expressions and tits bounce with every thrust. I flipped her over and started to fuck her harder and deeper in doggy, until I couldn’t hold it anymore. Crystal got on her knees and took my cum all over her tongue and face. Holy F I just gave my stepmom a CUM FACIAL….It was amazing. Crystal started smiling, her smile shining thru my thick cum load and tells me this wont be the last time she wants me to fuck her, as long as my dad isn’t around!! I hope my dad never comes home!”

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Crystal Clark, Coco Vandi – Patriotic Horny Milfs Next Door complete series HD 1080p

This is the brand new complete full series called “Patriotic Horny Milfs Next Door!” Starring Crystal Clark, Coco Vandi, and Eddie Jaye. This is a POV hardcore horny Milfs threesome series with facial cum shot. – “Ive been in the army for a couple years now and finally got a little vacation time to visit my home town. I went to my parents house, and it was so cool to see not much has changed…except next door. The couple that I grew up living next too, recently got a divorce and the husband moved out. I felt really bad and bumped into Mrs Clark while out for a jog, she flirted with me for a bit before telling me to start calling her “Crystal” instead, because she’s no longer a Mrs. Crystal had so many questions about my enlistment and seemed really into the fact that I got a lot bigger while away on deployment. I joked with her a bit ,that’s what combat does to a guy before she invited me inside to help her reach a few things. Crystal got even hotter in the years I was away, I always thought she was sexy growing up, but she’s older than me and was married, so I never thought I had a chance. I got a few things off a high shelf for her and she wanted to “repay me”…I told her she didn’t have too but she insisted!! Crystal dropped to her knees and told me this is for serving our country and helping me around the house then put her lips on my cock!! WTF was happening omg, she was blowing me in the middle of her kitchen where she and her husband use to eat!! This is wild I thought to myself but it was so hot at the same time. She gave the best blowjob, sucked my dick until I couldn’t hold back and I filled her throat with cum!! I don’t think she meant for that to happen, and I certainly didn’t mean to cum so early but before I could apologize another woman came walking down the stairs!! I was so embarrassed, not only did I cum early before fucking her but now my dick was out for her new roommate to see! Crystal introduced Coco to me but I couldn’t even look her in the eyes and had to get outta there…no amount of military training can train a man to be caught with his pants down like that…… The next day I was really horny and thought of Mrs Clark I mean, Crystal all night long. I decided I wanted to go over and see if she needed help with anything around the house again and to see if I could get a little more action only this time, not cum so fast. I knocked on her door but her roommate Coco answered instead. She said Crystal was out but I should come in and wait for her inside. I agreed and Coco told me to sit on the couch and get comfortable. I was a little taken back because Coco was a robe and I thought maybe I had disrupted something. When Coco told me she saw me the other day and thought I was really attractive, and told me she loves men who serve their country, my dick started to get hard. Coco noticed but didn’t seem upset about it instead she seemed EXCITED! Coco dropped her robe revealing sexy lingerie and told me she was hoping I would come by then got on her knees and started sucking my dick! What if Crystal comes home? I asked her but Coco didn’t seem to care if her roommate came home and saw us so I didn’t either. She sucked and fucked me with her perfect tits, and I really wanted to try that milf pussy, but just like before I got too excited and accidentally filled her mouth with my cum-load instead…ughhh….I was embarrassed again!! But Coco didn’t seem to mind in fact she told me she loved the taste of military cum….well…I am starting to be REALLY happy I came home. I got a call from Crystal that she needed me to help her with something and it was urgent, so I ran over as fast as I could. When I showed up she and Coco were both in silk robes and I asked what they needed help with but it turns out….my two sexy milf neighbors wanted to show me their appreciation of my service to the country and share my dick!! Who was I too refuse these two patriotic women? They took turns sucking and fucking me; it was incredible! They blew me, climbed on top and rode my cock like a wild bronco. Fucking both these hot women is why I serve this nation because MAN DO I LOVE FUCKING HOT MILFS!! It’s the Patriotic thing to do after all. After fucking both of them every way possible, I bent Crystal over the bed and fucked her until pulling my cock out and cumming all over Cocos beautiful face. WOW that was incredible!! What a great way to spend my vacation! Both women told me we should do this every day before I have to go back to base and I couldn’t agree more.

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Kali Roses, Crystal Clark / CrystalClarkXo – VIRGIN CAUGHT SPYING ON HIS STEP SISTERS HD 1080p

CLOSET VIRGIN CAUGHT SPYING ON HIS HOT STEPSISTERS!! (HOT NEW STEPBRO JOI) You’ve been caught spying on us from our closet. How long have you been hiding in there? Do you do this everyday? Have you spied on us when we are getting dressed! WOW! You’re such a little pervert! Just wait until your mom and our dad hear about this….oh wait whats that? Please don’t tell them about how our naughty perky step brother was hiding in his step sisters closet? hmmm fine…we wont tell them but you have to do something for us! We want to see you stroke that virgin cock. Yes, thats what we said! Pull down your pants, and start stroking. We can see you already have a massive boner in your pants from hiding in our closet, watching us compare our tits….so go on. Show us what you got! Stroke that dick step bro and show your step sisters just how much we turn your virgin cock on!! Yes just like that. Would it help make your balls ache and explode if we showed you our tits? I bet it would. Well here you go step bro, your hot step sisters big titties in your face as your stroke your cock to climax!! Eww, but you made a mess all over our floor. You better clean it up or we rat you out! hahaha

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Crystal Clark / CrystalClarkXo – Stepmoms Vacation Fun HD 720p

This is the full complete series- “Stepmoms Vacation Fun” – Starring Crystal Clark & Tyler Cruz. “It was the summer of my college graduation, and my Stepmom Crystal wanted to surprise me with a special family vacation. My dad last minute couldn’t join, so it became just the two of us. When we arrived at the resort they had given us a room with only one bed, but because they were sold out for the weekend my Stepmom suggested we make the most of it. Crystal really wanted to make this weekend fun, and memorable for me. So she rallied us to go to the pool before dinner. She had asked me to help put sunblock on her back, and I couldn’t help but rub her shoulders which she reprimanded me quickly telling me its sunblock not massage oil. I apologized and luckily she got up before noticing my boner. After the pool Crystal wanted us to hurry and get ready for our dinner reservation. She ran into the bathroom, and tossed her bikini out at me saying to put it with her laundry. But, when I picked up my stepmoms bikini something came over me. I couldn’t help it, I started sniffing her bikini and rubbing it on my hard cock. I was getting really into it, when Crystal came out of the bathroom!! She screamed in shock and I tried pulling my shorts up as fast as I could. It was so embarrassing. I didn’t know what to do and my boner wasn’t going down so I told her I had to finish. Still in shock Crystal asked how long it would take, and I said a few minutes. But, she wanted me finished sooner and asked how to make it go faster. I told her if she helped me it would go A LOT faster. So, my stepmom Crystal reluctantly got on her knees and stroked my cock! She even let me cum into her bikini! When Crystal and I were at dinner she had one to many, and I needed to help her back to our room. I helped her to the bed, and started taking off her heels for her. She kept telling me what a good boy I am, and a good step son then asked me to sit next to her on the bed. She was rubbing my leg, comparing me to my dad, and then blurted out her curiosity for what my cock might taste like compared to his before catching herself. I couldn’t stop thinking about her stroking my cock earlier in the day and wanted more so I told her she could always find out. She fought it for a little bit but, Finally I persuaded her, and she got on her knees to suck my cock! She told me I couldn’t tell anyone, as she sucked my dick and even let me cum in her mouth!! The next morning Crystal woke me up really early for a boat day. It was the final day of the vacation so she wanted to do something big. It was a blast, but very exhausting. When we got back to our room it was really late, Crystal started stripping naked in front of me and telling me to get in bed. I took my clothes off too which I don’t think she noticed, and slipped into bed with her. She was a little chilly and asked me to snuggle to heat her up. It was an exhausting day and I think she forgot who she was in bed with. She was snuggling back into me, so I started rubbing her tits and omg my cock was getting so hard. I could tell she was warming up to me. She was enjoying it, especially as my hand moved downward toward her pussy. She was getting more relaxed and even turned over to kiss me! But, then realized I was not my father! She was so exhausted she must’ve forgotten he wasn’t here…So, she said we couldn’t do anymore. But I knew she hadn’t had sex in awhile because my dad was working so much, so I told her it would be our secret and it would make this the best vacation ever. I new her pussy was wet and she was horny. So I just told her how much it would mean to me, and that won her over, and as long as I agreed to never tell anyone she agreed to fuck!! She rode my cock, and let me bend her over doggy too. It was amazing fucking my hot stepmom Crystal. I laid her on her back and started fucking her so hard making her tits bounce, until cumming all over her bush. She says this was the one and only time, but I think there may be more vacations just the two of us.”

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