Cory Chase, Amiee Cambridge – Step Mom Knows Best Vol 1 (Parts 4) HD 1080p

Two Horny Strippers-

Cory Chase is wearing a schoolgirl outfit and Amiee Cambridge is wearing her leopard print lingerie, as they walk down the hallway of their home. They just got home from the strip club, and Amiee is upset that none of the guys wanted to fuck her tonight! They go inside of the walk-in closet so they can have some fun together there. Amiee lies down in the middle of the closet and Cory starts to eat her pussy out. Cory’s hair is in pigtails and Amiee pulls on her pigtails while Cory is eating her pussy out. Cory gets up and she walks over to where Amiee’s head is. Cory sits on Amiee’s face, smothering her with her pussy! After Cory cums, the two MILF’s start to scissor each other, because they’re both eager to cum some more!

They walk hand in hand out of the closet and over to the bedroom, so they can continue on the bed. They are rolling around together on the bed, when my step-mom calls me into the bedroom to join them… ‘Luke! We require your cock!’ I hear her shouting from the bedroom…

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