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Maybe it was inappropriate of you to invite your pretty young teacher to your graduation dinner… maybe it was wrong of you to lie to her saying your parents and rest of your family would be there, too… perhaps it was terrible of you to plan on luring her to your house, knowing it would just be the two of you, and she would be nervous as hell in your presence… It made her feel a little safer thinking it was a “friends and family” event.. she’d probably have said no if she knew it was only you. You ARE her favourite student, OF COURSE she would feel like she has to say yes to your invite, even if its most unprofessional of her meeting up outside of college. Just look at her, turning up all covered in cute make-up and wearing that gorgeous low cut dress… she’s practically ASKING.. BEGGING to get fucked. She’s such a shy sweet woman with a heart of gold and probably a virgin, too… yeah, she’s probably gagging for it!

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