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Your Mom is getting ready to leave for a rare night out with her friends. She tells you not to wait up for her- but you do. She stumbles home at 3AM, tipsy out of her mind. You steady her and help take her coat off. She wants to go to bed but before you both know it you are kissing each other and falling to the floor in a moment of passion. You fuck in the hallway and cum inside of your Mother… The following morning you walk in to the kitchen to find your Mom waiting for you- she wants to clarify exactly what happened last night. She is shocked at her actions and why she did what she did and asks you to never speak about it again, but something takes over her when she looks down and sees your hard cock pressing against your pants and you fuck her again, against the kitchen counter, except this time you’ve got to be quiet because your Dad is home from his night shift at work. You blow your seed inside of her and your Mom leaves to clean herself up… The following day, you and your Mom are watching some TV together when you catch each others eye. You start to touch your dick in front of her and your Mom moves her head in between your legs and gives you a blowjob. Your Dad is in the other room, calling through to your Mom as she slides her pussy down your big cock, fucking you on the sofa, trying to hide her pleasure so that your Dad doesn’t notice. You cum inside of her for the third time in two days and your Mom is loving every second of it…

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