Sydney Harwin – Daddy And Daughter HD 1080p

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Daddy’s Girl, Daddy, OLDER MAN / YOUNGER WOMAN, ROLE PLAY, POV, British

Wow.. look at her.. just lying there doing her homework with that short little skirt.. you wonder if she’s wearing panties.. wouldn’t it be just be so inappropriate if you just.. NO. Clear your mind.. watch the TV and stop looking at your fucking daughter. Even though she does tease you on purpose.. you know damn well what a little fucking tease she is.. but even so, you are her Dad and theres no way your most twisted sexual fantasy would ever play out in real life. Right? RIGHT. Now she’s asking if her friend can stay the weekend.. “yeah sure, honey”.. god your such a pushover. But look her her, so sweet for you like that.. your perfect princess, couldn’t do a thing wrong.. and makes your cock harder than her mother ever has. What.. she wants to show you her new dance? Oh fuck, you don’t think you’ll be able to hide your erection now as she tries to dance sexy but kinda fails miserably but is kinda the hottest thing you’ve ever seen. You wanna stop looking but you are hooked. How fucking adorable. Oh christ, she’s spotted your hard cock pushing up inside your trousers. This is where things get awkward.. she always does this to you and she knows how embarrassed you get and she also knows that you gotta say no to any and ALL of her advances. She’s done this before.. spoke these perverted little words when Moms not around and tried to accidentally on purpose grab hold of your dick just to see what would happen.. you’ve always said stop.. told her to calm down.. pushed away her hand…told her how much trouble she could get you into.. although right now.. RIGHT this second as she rests her head in your lap, looks up at you with those big blue eyes and that evil little nymph smile.. you wonder what would happen if you just… let her. **CONTAINS DADDY / DAUGHTER TABOO STORY, POV SEX IN 3 DIFFERENT POSITIONS, VISIBLE PENETRATION SHOWN THROUGHOUT, BLOWJOB, CREAMPIE, DIRTY TALK.**

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