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*VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. SOME SCENES MAY UNSETTLE SOME PEOPLE* Here, when girls come of age, they are invited to take place in a special ceremony. Most girls need a little.. help to loosen up, and so are placed under an ancient spell which rids them of their inhibition’s and usually they then swallow the sacred liquid without hesitation. Once completely under your command, they become surrounded by a group of men, and perform sexual acts on them, including you. The girl will take their cum in her mouth as well as her virgin pussy. Throughout, she should happily and eagerly perform these acts for you all. She must also eat cum directly from pre-prepared condoms, to rid her of any impurity’s. But… sometimes… the spell wears off a little too soon… only sometimes… but when it happens, it can get… awkward. But under any and all circumstances, she MUST carry on until she has been completely and fully deflowered by every single last one of you. CONTAINS POV BLOWJOB WITH MULTIPLE MEN, MESSY CUM SCENES THROUGHOUT, POV SEX SCENE WITH YOU AS THE LEADER, PLUS 3 FURTHER SEX SCENES WHILST YOU WATCH.

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