Angel The Dreamgirl – 393 Trust me, I’m your doctor! HD 1080p

This unforgettable incident occurred to me last fall. I needed to spend some time in the hospital. I passed all the tests and waited for the results. The young doctor said that I better go through a detailed test, and I agreed. I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days and two nights. One day beautiful young doctor came to see me in the morning for another test, and gave me some medicine. Nothing special, I just breathe some medicine with a nebulizer. And that day … the cure was special, it was not a dream, I felt it … The doctor girl let me breathe and spoke to me about something, after that she began to dance and undress in front of me. I could not believe my eyes, my cock instantly reacted. She was so charming and hot! Her sexual body moved and her gloved hands suddenly fell on my dick. She put a condom on my swollen cock. Girl slowly lowered her mouth to the base of my cock, again and again, her hands in gloves caressed and masturbated my cock. It was unforgettable! A huge amount of drooling poured out on my cock in a condom. I was about to cum, but she stopped and jumped on top of my cock. Her wet pussy … mmm…. My cock entered smoothly into her elastic opening flower bud. I remember everything from beginning to end, I can not be mistaken this was a reality …

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