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British POV Sex MILF Dirty Talking Fantasies

You often deliver to this house.. with this REALLY fit MILF who you’d secretly love to shag if you had the chance to! There are only two problems.. one- is you are married and it would mean cheating on your wife who you love very much, and two- you would never get enough courage to actually make a move, so every now and then you’ll innocently flirt in a professional way (maybe she doesn’t even notice…?) SO.. when the day comes that this extremely attractive woman ACTUALLY INVITES YOU IN HER HOUSE FOR A COFFEE, you instantly have all these thoughts of a sexual nature running through your head.. can this be happening? Even so, a coffee doesn’t mean sex, does it? But when she makes a proposition that you find hard to refuse, it instantly relieves your original problems.. one- she doesn’t even know who your wife is and so your secret would never get out, and two- … she just wants a no strings attached fuck buddy to relieve the frustration of being a stay at home mom! WHATS NOT TO LOVE? You had no idea she was such a fucking dirty girl, and now all those times you opened the door to her with her tits practically hanging out start to make sense… Get to experience having a fuck buddy like never before (and you get to keep your uniform ON.. just get it out of the zip  After all, this horny MILF just wants it hard, fast and deep…)

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