Sydney Harwin – After Dinner Anal HD 1080p

Anal GFE POV Sex MILF British

We have just got back from a gorgeous evening out at a restaurant and it is your birthday! I say I have a surprise for you, but you have to wait… I show you that my tights have been ripped at the crotch all evening and you didn’t even know Wink I rub my pussy and let you slide it in and fuck me for a short while. I say that the reason I’ve never let you fuck my ass is because I’m worried it will hurt- after all, even vaginal sex makes me sore as I’m so tight and you are just too thick and long for me! But… it IS your birthday… and I DID say I had a special surprise for you, didn’t I? … **I have recently decided that I quite like anal… so even though it hurt filming this video, it felt sooooo good Wink**

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