Sunny Lane – Sex Is The Best Revenge HD 720p

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Sunny Lane just found out that her ex boyfriend was sleeping with her mother while they were together. She’s crushed but soon starts to scheme the ultimate revenge against her mother: she’s going to seduce her Mom’s new husband! Sunny calls up Step-dad Rodney requesting a ride home from work. When they get back to her house, she works her feminine wiles on him. Before long, he’s pulling down her panties and kissing her smooth, milky ass. His wife never lets him eat her ass so obviously poor deprived Rodney gets excited with his tongue buried in Sunny’s butt. She begs him to fuck her. He teases her pussy with the tip of his dick then slides his cock right in. Sunny’s never had such a massive member in her tight pussy. She squeals in delight as Rodney bangs her hard. Then Rodney puts his tongue to work as he licks her pussy and ass then he sucks on her tiny feet. Sunny gives him sexy foot job then proceeds to sucks his cock and balls. The two go back and forth, fucking and sucking each others’ various body parts in this hot and heavy hour long action packed scene. In the end, Rodney spews a huge stream of spunk all over Sunny’s face. Then he spoons the yummy cream into her mouth and she swallows it down. Revenge is served!

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