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Your wife went out of town and your stepdaughter has decided to make you her sex slave. You wait obediently in front of her bed (which used to be your bed) for her commands.. she texts you and tells you to come to her and then tells you to lie down. She starts stroking your cock and tells you that she is going to take everything from you. She tells you that everything you own is now hers and you are going to serve only her from now on. You want to keep some shred of your dignity but she starts sucking your cock and you know you are powerless. She tells you to sign over your house to her. You meekly ask “what about your step-mom?”. She tells you “step-mom is not coming back. She got tired of being married to a submissive bitch so she found a real man”. You are shocked as you realize that your wife left you and your stepdaughter is now going to own you. She pulls your cock towards her and lowers her hot young pussy onto your cock. As you feel your cock go in and out of her, you realize that the only thing that’s important now is serving your stepdaughter like a good slave. She gives you the fuck of your life.. she rides your cock and then you fuck her doggie style. In the end, you cum all over her delicious boobs! HOT FEMDOM SEX!!!

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