Sofie Marie – Car-Crossed Lovers HD 1080p (2022)

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Tyler Cruise goes to his stepmom, Sofie Marie, and tells her that he wants a car. Sofie says she’s not going to just give him a car, so he’ll have to earn the car by helping around the house with various chores. Tyler agrees to the arrangement, unaware that Sofie has the hots for him and is hatching a plan so they can BOTH get what they want. Later that day, Sofie wants to use a stepladder for cleaning. She asks Tyler to help by steadying her, encouraging him to hold onto her ass so she won’t fall. However, this fails to seduce Tyler, and he leaves after helping her. Next, Sofie gives him a hamper of her sexy underwear to wash. He seems taken aback but agrees to do the laundry, still not getting the hint. Later on, Tyler is cleaning the bathroom when Sofie steps in, wearing nothing but a towel. She pretends to be shocked and drops the towel to show off her naked body, claiming she forgot she asked him to clean in there. Tyler is startled and rushes out. Sofie realizes that Tyler’s just not getting the hint. She directly comes onto him, telling him that if he wants the car, he’ll have to do one last thing: HER. Tyler really, really, wants that car, so he agrees to rev up Sofie’s engine by kissing her, eating out her pussy, and pounding his cock into her!

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