snortneypoptart – Teasing Daddy w/ Workout Impregnation HD 1080p

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I start by stretching out my long legs, and then some squats, and some leg lifts. I complain that it’s too hot in here for me to workout in all these clothes and I ask you if I can get in my bra and panties. I beg you for a bit and you give in, I convince you that it’s okay for us to be doing this and I admit that the whole reason I decided to do my workout while you were home was so I could get your special attention… I can tell I am making you hard and I assure you that I don’t mind and I start asking for your cock, I give you a blowjob for a little bit but I want you to get me pregnant and fill me up with your cum. I ride you in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and then show you all your cum dripping out of my pink little pussy… I love you Daddy, you’re the best. Please note that I am not usually a person who works out, so don’t judge my acting too harshly. Wink

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