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This was orginally a custom video that I ended up filming twice so I could make a longer version! I come home and walk into the living room all upset. All the other girls at school won’t stop teasing me because I am the only one who doesn’t have a boyfriend to take to the school dance. I’m really frustrated that I can’t just tell them about our special relationship but you manage to calm me down and soothe me, I love you so much even if we always have to move when someone finds out about us anyway. I apologize for getting upset at you and then I ask you to make me feel all better after my bad day. I ask if I can sit in your lap and then I start grinding against your hard cock (virtual sex style) and then I show you my boobs and start asking if I made you horny. I suck your cock, struggling to fit you down my throat because you’re so big! And then I ride you before I start begging for you to fill me up with your cum and get me pregnant even though I’m not on birth control.

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