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For “Brandon”: I’m up and waiting for you to get home. You’ve been out nearly every night this week, I know what you’ve been up to. I didn’t think you’d be dating so soon after your breakup… especially after what WE did together. I’m hurt. How could you just go back to being with random women? Did you forgot what it was like to be wrapped in your step-mother’s arms? Or… do you need me to show you again? Is that it, step-son? I think you need to be reminded of what you have here waiting for you at home every night. I begin to come on to you and you push me away. You startle me. You’re going to say no to me? You’re going to deny your step-mother? I insist that you give me your cock and continue to seduce you but instead of pushing me away this time you grip my hips hard. You turn me around roughly and I ask what you think you’re doing. Your cock is out and I tell you that you aren’t going to fuck me until I say so but… you have another idea. You shove your cock inside me and fuck me doggystyle (POV). I try to protest but my moans say otherwise. I finally turn around and confront you. What’s this side of you, step-son? You demand that I suck your cock and shove it into my mouth. I ask why you’re being so dominant and tell you that I was upset earlier only because I thought you didn’t want me anymore. But I now take your dominance as a sign of love, that you need me, that you want me. I’ll take you every which way, step-son. However you need it. I promise. My body is yours. I’m all yours. Step-Mommy is yours to use. You push me onto the bed and fuck me like a slut and I accidentally call you “STEP-DADDY”. But that’s what you wanted all along isn’t it? To dominate me completely until I’m calling you Step-Daddy as I cum? Yes, Step-Daddy, anything for you, step-son. You make me suck and fuck you like the real man you are. You own me now… enjoy me, xo

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