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For “Justin”: You’ve been working a lot lately. It’s almost as if you’ve been avoiding me. But I know that my outfit, my makeup and my seduction is irresistible. It’s about time that we spent a session as husband and wife and I know just what to discuss. I know what you’ve done. I sit before you and tell you that I know what you did. Our step-daughter wanted a pony and you had said no initially but it seems as though you’ve changed your mind. Just the mention of her has you hard as a rock. I take your cock out and begin to stroke you as I talk about what you did and what you felt as she so expertly seduced you. There’s both shame and pleasure written all over your face as I edge you. You’re disgusting . You’re a fucking pervert. I should keep you far away from her, but instead… I brought her closer. I surprise you with her white dirty panties and begin to stroke you with them. Her scent is all around you. Her flavor. You love it and it sickens me… or does it? Mmm, no actually… it doesn’t. I admit to you that I love the way you are. I love your perversion. I love who you’ve become. I’m just depraved as you are for teaching her just how to control Step-Daddy… enjoy me, xo ***The themes in this vid may not be suitable for all audiences, viewer discretion is advised.

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