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***Part 2 of “dominance”, although this clip can stand alone.*** I’m your co-worker and as you’re aware, we’ve had sex once before. You dominated me and I let it happen. There’s been even more tension between us ever since. But… I’m leaving. I’m going overseas for another job and the realization of us never seeing each other ever again is enough to drive us mad. Tonight is my leaving party and we were downstairs with the others but I saw you creep upstairs. I corner you. I grab you, kiss you, jerk you. My eyes are wide, desperate, passionate, perverted. I knew you weren’t going anywhere. Tonight I’m going to use you. I push you around, my hands never leaving your cock, you let me bully you because you know it makes me feel good. I want to show you how much I can dominate you. I whisper in your ear, telling you this is what you always wanted. You love how rough I’m being. I’m going to leave you sore. I’m going to slam onto your cock. I want you to feel the weight of our connection with each thrust. I’m going to fuck you until I come. Tonight is about me. I’m going to dominate you…

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