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So my Step-Dad recently got re-married to his new girlfriend. In the process I gained a new step-brother, named Bruno. Well I really wanted to welcome him into our fucked up family, so I took him to a strip club. Little did he know that I had something up my sleeve. You see my real step-sister, Skyler, is an exotic dancer at that same strip Club in Shreveport and she’s had a big time crush on Bruno. It’s not like they were DNA relatives, she just really wanted to fuck him. So I took Bruno into the club and we went straight to the VIP section. I then talked him into putting on a blindfold for a surprise he wouldn’t forget. A minute later I had Skyler, who is now Bruno’s new step-sister, come out of the backroom and give him a lap dance for the ages. She grinded on his cock and teased him until he was hard as a rock. She then proceeded to pull out his Cock meat sandwich and she gave him a blowjob right there in the middle of the strip club. After a few minutes I guess he was curious and wanted to see who was bobbing on his knob, so he removed the blindfold from his eyes. Within seconds, Bruno quickly realized that his knew step-sister was the guilty party. At first Bruno was pissed off and a little taken off guard, but Once Skyler told him how badly she wanted to fuck him and she started to seduce him again, Bruno was all in. He completely changed his tune and fucked his new step-sister for the first time. The two of them shagged like wild animals while I tipped my lil step-sister and encouraged her to get nastier and nastier with him. I must admit I got a little turned on in the process and I started playing with myself while she was getting fucked by Bruno.I guess he started to get a little weirded out, but I told him it was all good and in the family. Skyler proceeded to use him as a fuck stick until she came all over his cock. Bruno then pulled out and shot his load all over her perfect breasts. I sure hope he has a cousin or somebody I can fuck in return, wouldn’t that be sweet.

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