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Sexy step daughter Skylar Rose caught her step dad Rodney at the beach, rubbing down some bimbo with sun tan oil. He’s only been married to her mom for six months, so needless to say, Skylar is pretty upset. How could he cheat on her mother like that? So she has him cum over to confront him about his infidelity. When Rodney denies having an affair, she doesn’t believe him. But desperate for Skylar to keep her lips sealed about his sunscreen escapade with another woman, he will do ANYTHING. Well, Skylar’s feet are all covered with beach sand, and she wants him lick them clean. After he works his tongue in between each and every toe, she commands him to move on to her ass. He can hardly believe his eyes when she bends over and pulls down her bikini bottoms, but he has no problem sticking his face deep between her butt cheeks and gobbling up her juicy behind. Turns out, his step daughter is insatiable–now she wants him to fuck her with his dick! He’s already cheating on her mom, so what’s the big deal? Besides, it will be their little secret. So, Rodney drives his swollen cock into her wet pussy from behind. Things get nice and dirty as he pulls on her pony tail and digs his fingernails into her rosy red ass cheeks. But what’s Skylar going to do for Rodney so that he doesn’t tell her mom? She’s gonna swallow his huge member and play with his balls. Seems like neither one can get enough of the other! Rodney continues to fuck Skylar, now in missionary so he can squeeze onto her heavenly tatas, and then from behind again in a spooning position. At last, Rodney holds Skylar’s head still while he jerks out a huge load of white, creamy splooge into her mouth. To his delight, she graciously spits it all back out over her face and boobs.

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