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I have taken you to Vegas with me for your birthday and while we are at lunch you tell me that you will be meeting someone that you have been talking to for the afternoon. Although I am a little disappointed I let you know it’s fine since I have things that I am going to go do. I have been talking to someone also, trying to set up a little “me time” so I can have some fun since I am lonely and horny but you don’t need to know that. Later I head to the club where I was supposed to meet before some much needed sex! Imagine my surprise when I walked in and seen you sitting there at the table – I was super confused and a little embarrassed because I thought maybe we mixed up our calendars again. But you shock me when you tell me that it has actually been you that I have been talking to this whole time – you tell me that if I want to hook up with someone that you would rather it be you so you can keep me safe. You propose being family with benefits. I consider it and decide that maybe we should order a round and go back to our room. Once you have me in the room I am timid, but willing and you coax me through our first time together. Is this the start of something that will be ongoing? Family with benefits?

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