Shay Fox & Violet Starr: Black-Magic Nanny

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Ms. Shay Fox has been requested for a consultation regarding a successful businessman’s bratty . From the moment Ms. Fox enters the office, her presence commands the space. Desperation in his voice, the businessman tells Ms. Fox how his step-son and step-daughter have become so spoiled, not going to college or getting jobs, and he just can’t get through to them. Ms. Fox sets her price, and he can’t help but agree to her fees. An expert in her line of work, Ms. Fox is more than capable of handling two spoiled brats. With one snap of her fingers, a person follows her command. With two snaps, they are desperate to please her. Two rotten twerps stand no chance against her dark powers.

Lucas and Violet are in their own worlds when Ms. Fox walks in, caressing her amulet. She snatches away Violet’s phone and unplugs Lucas’s video game. The new nanny lays down the law. And though they laugh and scoff at first, neither Violet nor Lucas can disobey when Ms. Fox snaps her fingers. She takes each one over her knee and does what their parents should’ve done a long time ago. Then she makes them both kneel on the couch, pants dropped, while she breaks out the “board of education.” She alternates spanking them as they grimace and try to grit through. But Violet has been spanked much more than Lucas. With Ms. Fox’s command, Violet asks Lucas to kiss her sore, red ass. Then Ms. Fox makes Lucas kiss her own ass in subservience.

Violet and Lucas’s re-education escalates, their new nanny remains confident and determined to turn them into perfectly obedient and productive young adults. As she makes Violet suck Lucas’s cock, Ms. Fox breaks out a big, black strap-on and penetrates Violet from behind.

Next, Ms. Fox turns her attention to Lucas, testing if he knows how to satisfy a woman. Violet touches herself as she watches and learns; then Ms. Fox and Violet switch places.

Violet is again between Lucas and Ms. Fox, only now her face is buried in her nanny’s pussy. When Ms. Fox finally lets Lucas cum, filling his step-sister’s pussy, the hour-long session is ready to wrap up. With a great deal of progress made and both former brats now obedient and eager to please, Ms. Fox points out that she stopped snapping her fingers early in the session.

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