Sarah Calanthe – Mommy takes your cum for Christmas HD 720p

Merry Christmas, honey. There’s really only one gift that Mommy wants for Christmas and you’re the only person that can give it to me. All I want is your cum. That’s right, a big warm load of your seed. Does that make you shy? You don’t need to be, sweetie. Don’t pretend like you didn’t know this was what I wanted. You’ve known for quite some time that Mommy wants you. I’ve caught you staring and seen the bulge in your pants enough times to know you want me too. Today’s the day where you’re going to give Mommy what she wants, and it’s not optional. Mommy gets whatever she wants. I’m not asking for your cum, I’m telling you I’m taking it. So go ahead and take those pants off and let Mommy suck your cock. Oh, but did I forget to mention I don’t want your cum in my mouth? So you better not cum until Mommy tells you to. I want to be looking deep into your eyes when you cum in Mommy’s pussy.

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