Sammi Starfish – Step-Mom FaceFuck – School Bully – Vol 1 HD 1080p

I’m 38-yr-old Sammi Starfish. This video was a custom request. It is a roleplay video in which I am the step-mother of school aged step-son. And when my step-son gets home from school he walks in on me getting dressed into a sexy soccer step-mom outfit (mini-skirt and thigh high stockings). I tell my step-son to have a seat on the couch because I need to talk to him about something while I finish getting changed. In my very sweet step-mommy voice I explain to him that his school bully Chuck is going to be coming over. And that he needs to be on his best behavior and not make a scene because Chuck is going to be doing some not very nice things to step-mommy. And it’s important that he just sit on the couch and watch what happens to me. I show my step-son that being bullied is not so bad if you just submit to it.

The opening scene is only a couple of minutes long. Then Chuck (the school bully) knocks on the door and comes in the house. And my step-son watches as Chuck completely facefucks and gags me for over 30 straight minutes. He gags me with his thick cock over and over again. Every time he puts his cock in my mouth his goal is to gag me, dig out my spit with his cock, and attempt to make me throw up all over my own face with my own spit. I get facefucked in several very uncomfortable positions.

This was the most difficult scene I have ever shot so far. The amount of gagging and mess that was created all over my face made me feel cheap and used. Any of you who enjoy the look of a woman being completely used like a piece of fuck meat need to buy this video. And if the facefucking was not embarrassing enough at the end of the video I get completely railed by his cock from behind as I am bent over the couch. And my cuckold step-son watches the entire thing go down. The scene is shot from the POV of my step-son and is shot in HD.

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