Sadie Holmes – Seducing My Married Baby Mama Part 1 HD 1080p

I picked my son up from his mothers house so we could have a fun day together, when i picked him up i noticed his mom my ex Sadie seemed a little down. i asked her about it and she said she was fine so i took off with my family. a couple of hours later i dropped my family members off at a friends house and decide to swing back by Sadie’s place to check on her, she was my baby mama after all. when i got there i let myself in, i got along great with Sadie and her new husband so i knew they wouldn’t mind. i found Sadie in the kitchen sipping some wine and since we were together for so long i knew for sure that she was upset now, she only busted out wine when she was mad. it took me a while but eventually she told me what was going on. it turned her sex life with her husband was really bad and she was extra frustrated. we joked around for a while and we may have throne in some harmless flirting, the whole time she kept sipping her wine. then she told me that her husband had a crazy small dick and there were times that she really missed mine! i didn’t know what to say to that but Sadie didn’t give me a chance, she just came out and asked if she could see mine again? i asked her to repeat herself and she didn’t, i thought about it and to be honest we didn’t work out as a couple for a lot of reasons but our sex life was always amazing, so i agreed. i went to the living room, took my pants off and sat on Sadie’s husbands couch! Sadie came out a minutes later carrying a bottle of lube, i didn’t get a chance to ask what that was for before she started stroking my cock! having my baby mama jerk me off in her husbands house it something ill like to see happen more often!

This is part 1 of Seducing My Married Baby Mama, this series stars Sadie Holmes. This is a POV Milf Cheating CFNM Handjob Scene

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