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Part 1 and 2

Roxanne’s Initial Programming – Roxanne was up for a simple session of “Power of Suggestion” therapy. What she got was a full programming. She was a very susceptible subject and her big green eyes roll fully back in her head as she goes completely under. “Yes Master” is easily assimilated in her vocabulary and she cooperates to a brief inspection

Further Inspection- Roxanne is now programmed and ready to accept further training. We do a further visual of her inspection as she immediately obeys to offer the best views

Roxanne’ s Game Show Frustration- Roxanne has been programmed to believe she is on “The 6 Million Dollar Challenge” She has 6 Million dollars in her bank and all she has to do is answer 6 questions to keep it. For every answer she gets wrong, she loses 1 million dollars. The problem is, she can’t think of the number 6, and, of course every answer has the number 6 in it, like “the declaration of independence was signed in what year?” She is so confident, she knows the answer, its 177ssssssss, she can’t say six! watch her get more and more frustrated with each question she knows the answer to and just can’t say. Her reaction are priceless, she literally starts to through a tantrum and can barely keep her composure. She just loses it after missing the final question

Roxanne’s Step-Daddy’s Naughty Girl- Roxanne is programmed to be a very naughty little girl, she tempts and teases her “step-daddy” lifting her skirt and sucking a lollipop so provocatively. Finally she says “want me to suck you step-daddy?” Well, we can’t help but give “step-daddy’s” little what she wants, she’s so spoiled! She looks up with her big green eyes taking time to ask if step-daddy likes what she is doing. At then end, with her mouth dripping cum she looks up “are you proud of me step-daddy?”

Sex Doll / Real Girl- Now Roxanne is programmed to be an inanimate sex doll. She is compliant, silent and wet, the perfectly fuckable doll. Her eyes say wide open as she is thrust into, but, to make it more interesting, she is programmed to become a “real girl” upon command, suddenly feeling all the fucking she got as a doll. She starts on the brink of orgasm she she becomes a real girl in the middle of being fucked by a guy she just met. Remember in the initial stages of her session we programmed her to be very horny to the point that her pussy was throbbing. We switch her back and forth watching the amazing change over her. Then for the finale twist, we wipe out her memory of how she got there or who the guy fucking her is. She becomes real girl, being deeply fucked, her pussy throbbing from orgasm and she cries out “what is happening?” “who are you?” “Oh god, cummming” and more like that as we switch her back and forth.

Finally we leave her as a doll as her face is covered in cum

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