Rocky Emerson – I’m Taking Your Balls, StepDad HD 1080p

From: She Owns Your Manhood

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Rocky Emerson is dancing alone in her room in a rainbow leotard and fishnets. Her friend calls her to ask if she’s going to the Electric Slut Carnival, and Rocky says she’s probably grounded and her jerk StepDad probably won’t let her go.

When she hears that if she goes to the party, she can get gang banged by 8 well hung guys, she perks up and tells her friend that she’ll just suck her creepy StepDad’s dick to get out of trouble.

Ricky Larkin, her creepy StepDad, comes into her room and starts putting his hands on her. He tells her that he heard from the Principal of her school that she’s in trouble in again, and he’s going to punish her. “I might let you go to that party, but if you go, it’s going to be with my cum dripping down your throat…” Rocky rolls her eyes.

Rocky lets him grope her and be a creep, then she gets on her knees to suck his dick like he normally makes her do. But this time, she surprises him by gripping tight on his balls.

“I have an ID that says I’m 18, and I can do what I want. If you try to stop me, I’m just going to take theses balls to the party with me and wear them as ear rings…”

Rocky slaps and squeezes her creepy StepDad’s balls but keeps edging him by stroking his cock. She’s makes him worship her stinky feet, and eat his own cum. She makes a sissy out of him, telling him that after she’s done with his stupid balls, she’s going to get gang banged, and then invite them all home to gang bang her stupid StepDad.

When she’s done his cock and balls are aching from all the . She sucks the cum out of his cock for the last time ever and spits it in his mouth.

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