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I was standing in the kitchen when my son approached me concerned about how stressed I seemed. He offered to give me a massage and I gladly accepted. He started rubbing my shoulders and I couldn’t help but let out little moans of pleasure with how great it felt. I was enjoying the massage when I felt something starting to poke my back. I move to look and notice that my son has a boner. Immediately I move away and demand to know why my son has a boner while massaging his mother! He tells me that he couldn’t help it. I tell my son how inappropriate that is and that he can’t have those thoughts ever again. A few days later I was getting ready to go out to dinner with my friends, my sons father had all ready left to see his when my son blocks my path. He is looking at me like he is going to bend me over right there and take me. I tell him to knock it off but instead he pulls me in close, pulls my shirt down and starts running his hands up my skirt. I pull away knowing its wrong and knowing its even more wrong that I liked it. I can’t hold back anymore and fall into my sons arms, kissing him deeply and passionately. There’s no more holding back. My fingers slide down my sons chest to his pants unbuckling them and pulling his cock out. Finally getting to see my sons cock for the first time in so long. My hand grabs around it and I realize just how huge his cock is. My eyes go wide, I’m in awe. There’s no way I can fit that inside of my mouth! Why does that turn me on so much? I have to know what he taste like, I have to feel his huge cock inside of me. The next day my son approaches me in the kitchen asking me what I thought of our time together the night before. I feel so ashamed of myself. How could I be such a terrible mother and have let my son fuck me? What if his father found out? There’s no way I’m letting that happen again. My son comforts me and calms my worry. He tells me how much he enjoyed it and that he would never let anyone find out. My sons loving words remind me of how much I did enjoy the night with him. I try to push away the thoughts but my son can tell and pulls me into him. He kisses me, passionately then pushes me against the wall. I come to my senses and try to resist but its to late, my son is on his knees moving my panties to the side. He moves closer to my pussy and starts licking mommy’s clit. I can’t resist how good it feels. I lose myself in the feeling of my sons tongue moving back and forth over my clit. Before long I start begging for his huge cock inside of me. I don’t want to wait another minute for him to stretch my pussy again. My son bends me over and slides his huge cock inside of me making me erupt in moaning. I get so close to cumming but tell him to stop so I can face him while we both cum. I urge my son to push his cock as deep inside of me as he can and fill my pussy with his cum.

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