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I walk into my son’s room to check on him before bed. He asks me to lie down with him. He’s getting a little too old for this, but one more time is okay. He looks embarrassed and says he has a question for me. He asks if it’s true that I used to breastfeed him. I tell him that yes, it’s true. He says he’s really curious and wants to know what it’s like. Well, he’s definitely too old for that now, but one more time couldn’t hurt. I pull out one of my breasts and put it up to his mouth. I massage my breast so he can get a bunch in his mouth. Suddenly I see him getting hard. How can my son be getting hard sucking on Mommy’s boobies! He says it’s because he’s curious what a pussy looks like. Oh, I can’t ever say no to my little man. I guess it’s best that I do it as his mother. Okay, I tell him to get between my legs and teach him how to touch Mommy’s pussy. I get so turned on that my son actually makes me cum! Now he says he wants to be inside Mommy. Oh, that’s too far. But since he made me cum, I guess it’s only fair that I make him cum. Just this one time. I pull him on top of me and guide the tip of his cock into Mommy’s wet pussy. He gets very excited and I tell him to slow down and not get too carried away. Ooh my son likes being inside his mommy. Yes, Mommy’s pussy is so wet because he made me cum. He wants to cum inside me, but I tell him that’s not a good idea. But he should pull out and cum all over Mommy’s titties. He pulls out and shoots his cum all over Mommy’s titties, and even gets some in my mouth. I need to go get to bed now before his father realizes that I’m missing.

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