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I like to stay up past sunrise so I can watch the humans go about their day. They are so interesting to watch and some of them are so yummy. More than sucking the life out of them which my dad never lets me do. He never lets me see or be around humans. All I ever get is bagged food which does the trick. What I really want, is to be with a human. Taste their skin, feel their hands touching me while I lay on top of them. Their heart beat pounding away because they know I could end his life but they can’t have enough. I want to know what it would feel like to really be with someone, a human. My dad would flip a lid if he caught me sneaking in past sunrise again. I was going about my night thinking I got away with getting home late when my dad came into my room. He tells me he heard a loud noise and saw me sneaking into my bedroom. I tell my dad that I just want to be normal so I can truly be with someone and feel what sex feels like! My dad starts telling me that it doesn’t actually feel that great and I am making it up in my head. I don’t believe him so he makes a bet with me. If I have sex with my dad and actually like it instead of hating it like he says, then I can see the humans. I hesitate because I never thought I would be considering having sex with my dad! He tells me that this will probably be the only time I get to feel sex. I am so curious about it and this could be my chance! With hesitation, I agree.

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