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My wife goes through my phone while I’m out swimming with our daughter and her husband outside. She sees I left my phone open and on the camera mode and I’ve taken a few pics of our daughter in her bikini including a few zoomed in on her tits and ass. So she’s obviously shocked and disgusted so she decides to go digging through some more of my photos and finds more sexy pics from her Twitter and stuff, thennn she finds a few really sexy ones (non nude) that I stole from your phone that were obviously meant for ur husband! So she runs and calls our daughter(you) to come inside and she talks to u and tells u everything. You are shocked and grossed out and can’t believe it, and decide to confront me about it alone… At first u come in the room and start putting oil on yourself acting like nothing happened. Then u ask me if I like what I see, maybe I want to take a picture? Im caught off guard but still act like i don’t know what ur talking about then u ask me to put some oil on ur upper and lower back. While I’m doing that u ask me if i like rubbing oil on my daughter? “Maybe i should take off this bikini so I can get the oil everywhere and i won’t get tanlines on my tits and ass and stuff”. What do u think dad? Stuff like that, half teasing half serious. Then u turn around and sexily put oil all over ur chest and tummy area. And ask me to rub it in while looking right in my eyes the whole time, even grabbing the straps of ur bikini and moving ur tits up and down a couple times. Then out of nowhere u ask me why the fuck do I have sexy and stolen pictures of u on my phone?! That’s when u start to scold me at first saying things like what the fuck is wrong with u I’m your fucking daughter! U do know that right?! Flesh and daughter! How long has this been going on?! Like now that I’m an adult and I’m married ur pulling this ! That’s I.NCEST! We’re father and daughter! Even with my excuses about how sorry I am and how I never get laid anymore from mom and it’s been like months, you’re still super pissed! I eventually tell u I’ve been obsessed with u ever since u developed those big tits and incredible body a while back, even my friends used to tease me all the time about how hot u are and what big tits u have what a nice ass and how u grew up to be a tall goddess etc etc.. But then eventually u slowly start to feel bad for me in a weird way and slowly start to tease me again and eventually make me show u what I do with those pictures and especially the 2 or 3 fully nude pictures that my wife didn’t even find (if u wanna show the camera some of ur latest nude photos a few different times), pictures that were meant for ur husband to show off ur tits and ass not for my father! While I’m doing that ur saying all kinds of dirty taboo things like does your daughter turn u on? How long have u felt this way about me? This obviously goes way back, so tell me when it started. What part of me do u love best? Is it my big tits?! Or this sexy round ass?! They’re way better than mom’s aren’t they? Eventually u get pretty turned on from all the compliments and u feel kind of bad and also love ur dad in a weird fucked up kind of way. So u ask if he wants to see the real thing that I made. Halfway through stripping while ur half naked and have a handbra or something like that u start to have second thoughts because he is ur dad after all and this is i.ncest. Asking him how long it’s been since he’s seen u naked? But then u say fuck it I’m going to help u out just this once to get it out of your system. Revealing ur naked body (especially those incredible tits) in person is thee single greatest moment everrrrr to me, so whatever that means to u I’m sure u know how best to work that. All while talking really dirty (u can say whatever perverted dirty taboo i.ncesty things u like mentioning i.ncest again and reminding me I’m ur daughter and how much you’ve grown etc.) and comparing ur big tits, nipples and areolas, nice ass and gorgeous face etc. to mom and how much hotter you are! U wonder if ur dad is literally in love with u or something. So u ask him who has a nicer ass? (Smack it and shake it closer to the camera) Prettier face? Tits? (U can bring ur tits right up close to the camera as if they’re in my face and squeeze them together with ur hands, even asking if he wants to feel the tits that he made) That’s where the beginning of u comparing alot of what u do from here on out to my wife/ur mom..starting with playing with my cock, again with all kinds of taboo dirty talk. Then asking does mom ever suck your cock anymore daddy? I want to hear u say u want your daughter to do it(Then u suck my dick) u can slap your face with the cock a few times too and do all ur amazing oral skills (again saying stuff like can u believe ur hot big tittied daughter is sucking ur cock and playing with ur full balls u fuckin pervert?). Followed by asking if mom has ever let u fuck her tits? Can she even do it? U wanna fuck my tits dad? Then u do so

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