Rebecca Vanguard / Sailor Luna – step dad black mailed for allowance 4K

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Recently, my mom got remarried and my new step dad is such a fucking hard ass! I made one little mistake and he took away my allowance and privileges! I begged my mom to make him lay off because I really really needed to go to this concert with my friends!! Now I have no money for the tickets!!! I did notice him looking at me weird some times and then the other day I saw him looking at me though the crack in the bathroom door but I didn’t catch him. This is my last chance to get to this concert….so I waited for him to take his afternoon nap and then crawled into bed with him to see his reaction. He liked it, I knew it! He saw it was me and got hard right away, after that it was basically taking candy from a baby. He started fucking me right away, in missionary, doggy style, cowgirl and I sucked his soul out of his dick. I NEED these tickets. After he finished all over my glasses with the biggest load I have EVER seen, i showed him the camera I had hidden and asked for my allowance back!!!! He gave it up right away, idiot lol and now I have perfect black mail for whatever else I want too!!!

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