Rebecca Vanguard / Sailor Luna – School teen fucked by her stepdad POV 4K

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I thought it was just another day after school, and I had some assignments including this really cool book that I had to read… But I guess I was in trouble with my teacher, and my stepdad, Miles, called her, and found out that I’ve been getting in trouble at school because a boy groped me and I made a scene about it. My stepdad is really sweet though, and he totally took my side. I didn’t expect him to start touching me too, but he’s my stepdad and I like him, so I didn’t have a problem with it. He grabbed my butt, and then be rubbed my pussy My stepdaddy Miles make me so wet! Oh my gosh, and then he started to fuck my my mouth. I love giving blowjobs. I did it before with him, so it was fun to do it again. And if you really want to see what happens next, you’ll subscribe and even buy the 2nd part to this movie too. Smile

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