Princess Leia – Step-Daughter Bot Activated HD 1080p

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The new sex bot arrived today programmed with the exact specifications I asked for. The perfect sex bot to fulfill my every desire.

*DaughterBot Activated*

My DaughterBot tells me that she is programmed to do whatever I ask. First I have her show herself off, then bend over the bed for me so I can get a closer look at her sexy hardware. A few hard smacks on her ass and she thanks me for doing it. It’s time to see what she can do with her hands and mouth. As I slip my cock out, my perfect little DaughterBot immediately goes to work. The pleasure is calculated and unwavering as she first begins to stroke me. Once I get worked up she switches to relentlessly sucking while she looks up at me with perfectly innocent eyes. It doesn’t take long until I’m ready to explode. Looking up at me, she senses my orgasm, and immediately stops sucking as I completely fill her mouth. As she thanks me again she lets my load run down her beautiful face.

The perfect DaughterBot!

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Duration: 00:15:21
Video: 1920×1080