Princess Ellie Idol – CUXEDO MASK HD 1080p

Ever since our step-daughter from the future came to visit, I’ve suspected that perhaps you’re not her step-father after all. You two look NOTHING alike. So, that means my destiny is to get pregnant by someone other than you, Tuxedo Mask…or should I call you CUXedo mask? Your new destiny is to be my cuck, after all! My stud is going to fuck me right in front of your eyes. You’re going to just hang around and be useless while watching me do ALL the action, as usual, though that was fighting…this is FUCKING. Looks like it’s going to be a full Moon tonight! Full of long hard COCK ready to pump me full of cum! Maybe this will even be the guy who impregnates me with a creampie right into my eager pussy. Who knows? We’ll just leave that to fate!

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