Pink Drip – Twisted Family Plan HD 1080p

My Brother is STILL a virgin and somehow you both decide that it’s MY PROBLEM TO FIX!!??? You come into my room holding a bunch of slutty clothes, I’m so confused but you tell me to put them on. You tell me about how you’re worried that your son (my Brother) is still a virgin at his age. You cum up with a plan…you want ME to fuck him and pop his cherry in exchange for a free college ride. That’s right, you offer to pay for EVERYTHING all for this one favour. Obviously I’m extremely reluctant but you know I’m tight for cash…and you’re about to find out that something else about me is tight too! I agree and put the clothes on. I can see my Brother already starting to jerk it. I get down on my knees and start pleasing you, reluctant at first since our DAD is still watching, but I already agreed so what choice do I have??? Something about all of this raunchy taboo action is working it’s magic on me and before you know it I’m arching my back and taking your cock like a good little slut! DAD EVENTUALLY JOINS IN TOO!!! I wonder who’s going to cum first??!! With a lot of inner dialogue about how wrong this is, and how right it feels…I take Daddy’s load in the mouth while you’re still fucking me. You finally let it go and unleash your seed into your hot submissive Sister’s womb! What a weird family we are…but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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