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I’m your step-daughter and I just recently moved into your place. It’s just the two of us now. I call you dad and Daddy. I haven’t been living there very long when one night I sneak into your room whispering for you to wake up. You see that I’m in handcuffs… and shackled at the feet too! I tell you not to be weirded out or anything but I was trying to do a magic trick in my room and its gone so very wrong. I have been stuck like this for hours now. I was supposed to be able to escape from the cuffs but I just can’t figure out the trick. You ask me where the key is and I tell you that I have some bad news. It’s in my bra! You’re annoyed and I tell you I’m so sorry but I NEED you to reach in my bra and find the key. You refuse but I insist that this is the only way. I’m really pouty and plead with you until you agree. You get close to me and start to feel around in my bra, you can tell by my face that I seem to like this. The camera alternates between showing my boobs pulled out of my bra and my face. You tell me you can’t find it but I insist that you just need to keep looking, I KNOW it’s in there. After a while you stop and tell me that there’s no way the key is in my bra. I look really sad and tell you that I have really bad news and that you need to promise you won’t be mad at me… but I remember now that the key is in my underwear. And the worst part is… I think the key went inside of me when I was rolling around on the bed trying to get the cuffs off. You are upset and tell me there is no way you’re going to reach into my underwear for the key. I tell you that there’s no way you can leave me cuffed and hogtied all weekend long, you HAVE to do this. You eventually agree and the camera goes back to my face as you reach your fingers inside of my pussy. You tell me you don’t feel anything and ask me why I’m wet. I tell you to keep looking and maybe you need to push your fingers in further… and harder!! It’s really obvious I am enjoying this and you ask me why I’m wet. I deny it and demand you keep looking. Eventually you realize that I’m totally getting off to this and stop. I start to get super pissed off that you stopped and my attitude completely changes. I admit to you that I was trying to trick you into making me cum and that I had the key around my wrist the entire time. I start to take off the cuffs while I tease you. I know it turned you on to touch me like that. I bet you loved your step daughter coming into your room in the middle of the night in her underwear while hogtied didn’t you Daddy? I start changing the subject back towards these trick cuffs.. I convince you to see if you can try and get them off. After all, you are always so good at figuring stuff like this out. You try to say no but I manipulate you into agreeing. I put the cuffs and shackles on you and teaser you while you try to get them off. After struggling for a while I tell you that there actually is no trick to these cuffs, you need the key! You are really mad at me but there’s nothing you can do about it. I tell you that now that I have you like this we are going to play a game. It’s called Don’t Cum Inside Of Your Stepdaughter. The stakes are high Daddy. I am going to fuck you until I cum, if you don’t cum inside of me then I will unlock the cuffs. But if you do cum inside of me.. then you’re going to stay like this… PERMANENTLY. I pull down your boxers, take out your cock, and ride your in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl (~5 min of sex). When I start to cum you just can’t handle it and blow your load inside of me. Now you’re totally fucked Daddy. You should never have played my game. TL;DR Manipulative daughter tricks you into feeling her up in an effort to find the key to her handcuffs and shackles. After getting caught and admitting she only did that to try and trick you into getting her off she then manipulates you into the cuffs yourself and then fucks you until she cums (~5 min of sex). No one else is around to stop her and she fully intends to make you her slave… permanently. Mostly face focused and implied below camera touching with a short POV sex scene. **tags: glasses, eye glasses, bound, brat girls, domination, bondage, daddy roleplay, daddys girl, evil**

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