phatassedangel69 – Cum Addict Daughter Drains Dad HD 1080p

You know I have a problem. An addiction. It’s a serious issue for me. I’ve been working on it but my addiction hasn’t gotten any easier. I’ve hit a serious dry spell the last few weeks and I’m trying everything I can to resist my urges but I’ve hit a breaking point! I literally can’t take it anymore. I know you’re my Dad but you’re the only person around who can help me with this. I know you love me and we’ve never done anything like this before but… please?? Don’t you want to help your daughter? I’m going INSANE without cum. I need it. More than anything. And I’m going to get it, from you, right here right now. I’m kind of a brat and I ALWAYS get what I want in the end. You try to resist, but fail miserably. You’re already hard. I get on my knees and I’m just so happy to have a cock back in my hands. You’re a freak for getting so turned on by your own daughter. I didn’t even have to work to get you hard, you were hard just from hearing me talk about my obsession with cum. I’m going to drain you completely. You cum on my face and in my mouth. I’m shocked by the amount of cum my own Dad has!! I keep sucking even after you cum, since you’re still hard. You decide you want more. Much to my surprise, you pick me up and throw me on the bed on my back. I take off my underwear, ready for more of my dad’s cum. You fuck me in missionary (full body POV) until you give me a huge cream pie. I beg for it. My bratty demeanor turns into submissive slut. You’re still cumming and I pull out your cock so I can get your load all over my pussy. I want it inside and out. I tell you I’m not on birth control but you don’t care. You’re fully committed to fucking your own daughter now. You pull me closer to you and fuck me on the edge of the bed while I look up into your eyes (dildo sex off camera). I beg for you to blow your massive load inside of me again, I beg you to knock me up. I beg for you to keep fucking me whenever and however you want. This just can’t be the last time we fuck, please Dad! I need you. I need your load. I’ll do anything for more of your cum. Use me however you want, just please let me have every single drop of your seed. **I have a fully unshaved bush in this video** Impregnation, Cream Pie, Cum Play, Breeding, Taboo, Family, Eye Glasses, Cum Swallowers, Hairy

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