Carmen Valentina, Akira Shell – The Perfect, Loving Family: A Family Relationship Filled with Intimacy & Raw Emotion, POV – Magic, Mind Control, Brainwashed HD 1080p

A perfect, loving family…

“We’re talking…privately…in my room,” your step-sister snapped when she saw you standing in front of her. Step-Mom told her to take it easy on you, to let you join in on the conversation, but Akira always gave you a hard time.

Either way, it didn’t matter, that’s not why you were in there in the first place. “What are you holding up?” Step-Mom asked. “Is that an air freshener? What-what are you spraying?” The beautiful, love scent filled the air and Step-Mom and Akira inhaled it.

“Mm, it smells really good,” Step-Mom closed her eyes. “It smells amazing…I like the way you smell,” Akira moaned. They let out happy sighs, then turned towards one another, then towards you. Their hands caressed each other’s bodies in an adoring, uncontrollable way.

“I just feel like I love you so much right now,” Step-Mom told you and your step-sister. “Why don’t you give Step-Mommy a kiss?” She leaned in and pressed her soft, warm lips against yours, then pulled back to make-out with your step-sister. Both of them were desperate to show their affection for you, for one another – it was a big, beautiful, love triangle.

They undressed one another, their hands and mouths clinging to one another’s perky tits and nipples. “I’m so happy,” Akira smiled, “you’re the best step-brother I could ask for…the best Step-Mommy I could ask for.” They shared your cock, wrapping their soft hands and wet mouths around it before inviting you to penetrate their tight holes.

“Why don’t you go inside your step-sister?” Step-Mom smiled, then spread Akira’s legs wide open for you to fuck her. “Show us how much you love us because we love you so much.” Step-Mom wrapped her arms around your step-sister and kissed her as you thrusted in and out of her pussy.

Next, you penetrated Step-Mom. “Fill Step-Mommy with your love,” your step-sister smiled, and you fucked Step-Mom until you came inside of her. They were both filled with so much emotion…so much love. They asked for sweet kisses from you and from one another. “I love you,” they told you over and over and to each other.

It was the perfect family. An adoring, caring, intimate, loving family. A triangle of raw love and emotion. A relationship where everyone shared their love.

This clip includes: Carmen Valentina, Akira Shell, step-mom & step-sister, POV, you spray love chemicals into the air for your family to inhale, step-mom & step-sister are filled with love & they want to show you how much they care for you, love spray, magic control, brainwashed, mind control, trance, step-mom & step-sister kiss one another and they kiss you, making out, virtual kissing from step-mom & step-sister, step-mom & step-sister sweetly undress one another, they caress & fondle one another, tit groping, nipple licking, nipple sucking, moaning, virtual handjob & virtual blowjob from step-mom & step-sister, step-mom & step-sister share your cock, “I love you,” step-mom encourages you to fuck your step-sister, virtual sex, you fuck your step-sister & step-mom, step-sister encourages you to cum inside step-mom, step-son creampies step-mom, love spell, a threeway relationship, family sex, everyone is intimate with one another, fauxcest, taboo, MILF, older woman, siblings, step-brother & step-sister, step-mom & step-son, blondes, brunette, female training, in love, step-mom is in love with step-son, step-sister is in love with step-brother, step-mom is in love step-daughter & step-son, step-mom & step-daughter, threeway, bgg, boy girl girl, fantasies, special effects, sound effects

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