Penny Loren – Mommy and the Vile Bully HD 720p

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Your life has been made a living misery by the vile nasty popular boy at school, he just wont leave you alone and its been going on for years getting worse and worse. Mommy has had enough of her lovely darling son getting bullied by this nasty boy and takes matters into her own hands and invites him over to chat to sort this out once and for all. You are horrified she has done this and you are petrified the bully is going to be in your house but Mommy is here, she is such a good Mommy and will protect you at all costs. It quickly escalates into Mommy having to suck the bully boys cock to make the bullying stop, you cant believe what you are seeing but the bully says you have to watch everything that unfolds! Then the Bully wants to fuck your Mom doggy over the sofa then she has to ride him. You have to sit there and watch your Mom get fucked by the boy who has been making your life hell! You start to get aroused while your mum is getting fucked, you are hard as fuck and then when the bully cums inside her after she begs him not too you almost cum in your pants, this is so fucking hot!

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