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Its your birthday and you wake up to Mommy sat on your bed, she lovingly wishes you Happy Birthday and says you can choose to do whatever you like and Mommy will treat you. All you want to do is spend time with her and hang out together, you love time with Mommy so much. She is touched and she asks you if you want to hear the birthday tradition story of how you came into the world and all about your birth. But this year you want a different story, you want to know all about how you were conceived and you want to know all the naughty details. Mom is reluctant at first, I mean thats weird to talk about this type of thing with your son right, but its your birthday and thats what you want to know so Mom begins her story. Dad wasn’t supposed to cum in Mommy because he normally pulls out but this time Mom was desperate to feel hot cum in her pussy. You press her and she starts telling you how much she loves hot cum flooding in her pussy, You are both getting turned on and you take the opportunity to tell her you want to cum in her pussy, why is it only dad that gets to do it. She is shocked and tells you its wrong, BUT its so fucking hot her son wants to pump his hot seed in his mother. Your birthday morning takes a shocking sordid taboo turn and your mom ends up jerking you off and then fucking you passionately, she tells you not to cum inside her but then she cant handle the pleasure and passion of fucking her son and demands you fill her hole up with your milky load. She couldn’t care less if she gets pregnant with her sons offspring and goes to hell its was fucking amazing and worth it. Best Birthday ever.

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