Penny Barber – Step-Mommy Diapers Herself and then You HD 1080p

I know these diapers are embarrassingly babysish but they were the only ones I could find big enough for you. I wish there was another way to deal with your bedwetting but I think it is time to accept that you need diapers. It won’t be so bad, no one will see you in them besides me and they are really very soft. You might even like it. If you don’t believe me then maybe I will just show you that diapers can feel good. You can watch while I strip down, powder my bare bottom, and tape myself into one of these diapers that, I will admit, are a little embarrassing. If you promise to let me put you in one next then I promise to show you some funthings you can do in your diaper. Your bed gets to stay dry and you will get to feel really, really good in your cute little bottom and on your adorable thingy.

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Duration: 00:22:21
Video: 1920×1080