Penny Barber – Mom And Ella Nova Have Fun Teasing Your Tiny Dick HD 1080p

From: Miss Penny Barber

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Your sister and I are so sorry that your big date turned out to be a prank, sweetie. I guess you will just have to stay in with us tonight and we will do our best to make you feel better. Looks like you were expecting to get laid tonight because we can definitely see the little tent in your pants still. Or is that from Mom and sister wearing lingerie around you?

It might be for the best that the mean girl did not go out with you since I can’t imagine she would be very kind to boy with such a small package. We can’t even ask one of Ella’s friends to take you on a pity date with a dick like that. Think how embarrassing that would be for your sister if everyone at school knew her brother has a tiny penis. I think the best your little cock can hope for is some playtime with Mom and sister because we feel sorry for you.

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