Penny Barber – Be Polite To Our Guest, Young Man! HD 1080p

Penny Barber has invited her friend Kendra James over for lunch, but the kitchen is a TOTAL mess! Good thing she’s got her stepson, Jay Romero, to help clean the place up. But when Penny asks Jay to lend some elbow grease, he just groans, complaining that he’s supposed to go hang out with his friends at the skatepark… But Penny isn’t letting Jay off the hook THAT easily, ESPECIALLY after he broke curfew last week. Doesn’t Jay remember? As punishment for sneaking out, he agreed to help his stepmom with ANY chore she needs at any time she chooses. And not only that, but he ALSO agreed to let Penny get frisky with him while he does it! Jay gets to cleaning while Penny starts to fondle, grope, and fuck Jay all over the kitchen in a free-use extravaganza. And when Kendra arrives a bit early, Penny even invites her to wait and chat with her as she continues to fuck Jay. You’d think that Kendra would be a bit uncomfortable about the whole thing, but in fact, she’s not the least bit bothered. After all, Kendra’s the one who suggested this form of ‘discipline’ to Penny in the first place. It worked wonders on Kendra’s stepdaughter, and it seems to be working just as well on Jay!

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